EMC's Flemish Giants- A Flemish Rabbitry in Oregon

EMC's 'EM 74'

DOB- 11-18-2016

Ear- EM 74

Weight-  12.5 lbs. at 16 weeks old.

Color- Sandy


EM 74 is a clean little doe. I would like to see slightly better shoulders on her to balance her out but she's real young- we'll see what happens with her. She has very clean lines- a beautiful rise and nice balance to her dimensions.

EMC's 'EM 69'

DOB- 11-18-2016

Ear- EM 69

Weight-  12 lbs. at 16 weeks

Color- Sandy


EM 69 is a solid little buck. He currently has a longer coat than I'd like to see on a sandy... we'll see how it looks after his junior molt.

EMC's 'EM73'

DOB- 8-15-2016

Ear- EM 73

Weight-  15.5 lbs. at 5 months old

Color- Sandy

 73 is one very good looking doe. We're excited about getting to show her this spring.. she has excellent color, coat length and texture, wonderful heavy bone, Very nice width of body and she's quite the grower- the heaviest rabbit we've had weighing 15.5 lbs. the day she turned 5 months old.

EMC's Junior and Intermediate Flemish

EMC's 'EM60'

DOB- 2-11-2016

Ear- EM 60

Weight-  14.5 lbs. at 5 months old

Color- Sandy


EM 60 is looking like he's going to be a nice buck.. he has a longer frame that he should grow into/ fill in over time. His color is good and the jury is still out on his coat quality.. Still a young buck at 5 months old so we'll see how he matures here in the next few months. Hopefully his growth rate stays consistent. Pictured below at 9 weeks old and then again at 4 months old.


Tsunami's TBGS3

DOB- 5-6-2015

Ear- TBGS3

Weight-  15 lbs. at 6 months                        Color- Sandy

EMC's Heavy Equipment X BBR's Goldy.

This is one Big-boned young buck, displaying the best looking head we ever had on one his age. He was nice and heavy for a 6 month old buck. He also has a very nice colored coat with near perfect finish... I believe he placed 8th at the National ARBA Convention for junior sandy bucks. He now lives in Florida.