EMC's Flemish Giants- A Flemish Rabbitry in Oregon


EMC's 53

DOB- 5-4-2015

Ear- EM 53

Weight-  23 lbs.

Color- Sandy

This is a very pretty sandy doe... she is incredibly heavy... She's displayed the most rapid growth rate that we've seen in any of our Flemish. We love her type, color, and attitude!... She took 1st place for sandy junior does at the 2015 National ARBA Convention! And her sister was the second place doe! sis is now living in Minnesota with Dr. Dan Hall.

Furs and Feathers' FFEM11


Ear- FFEM 11

Weight- 18 Lbs.

Color- Sandy

FFEM 11 is a beautiful young doe. Pictured here at just 7 months old not quite finished molting you can see her great example of sandy color... At convention Flemish Judge Chris Hayhow gave her honorable mention for the best sandy colored rabbit. She took 4th place for sandy intermediate does and her sister took Best of Breed.

Furs and Feather's FFEM1


Ear- FFEM1

Weight- 18.5 lbs.

Color- Sandy

'FFEM1' is a wonderful doe and I think she'll be producing some nice sandies and fawns for us in the near future. She is one of the heaviest-boned does we've had here and I'm very anxious to pass those genetics on to more of our rabbits. She's pictured below at 5 months and then again in a couple photos at 7 months old.



Ear- EMTB5

Weight- 16 lbs. at 7 months old.

Color- Fawn

'EMTB5' is a decent doe... She is the product of a joint breeding we did with Dan and Sue Hathaway and was the one fawn rabbit in a litter of sandies produced by two sandy parents. She has very nice type but has shorter ears and weaker shoulders than I would like to see on our rabbits. But she's just a very pretty doe otherwise so we're keeping her for now. In mid- September we'll be breeding her to Lippy. -He can definitely fix both of those issues ;)

Hall's DOC344


Ear- DOC 344

Weight- 17 lbs.

Color- Sandy

344 is one of the cleanest does we've ever seen, but what do you expect? she comes from the Flemish legend Doctor Dan Hall. It was a true blessing to acquire this beautiful girl and we're anxious to get babies from her.

EMC's EM 13


Ear- EM 13

Weight- 19 Lbs.

Color- Fawn

PCR's Apricot X EMC's Butterfinger

13 is my all-time favorite doe... She always maintains beautiful condition... She has clean color, very nice topline and good overall balance to her frame... At a lean 19 lbs. she's a very solid doe. She now lives in Canada with the Flemish legend Bill Mairs.

EMC's Snickers

Ear- SNI

Weight-  17.5 lbs. at 10 months                      Color- Sandy

EMC's Hozer X Unbound's Robin

Snickers has turned out to be an awesome doe. Her weight just got away from us. We've carefully dieted her back to excellent condition. She's given us a couple very nice litters... Always very fat babies- lots of milk.

Unbound's Robin

DOB- 4-15-10

Ear- ROB

Weight- 18.1 Lbs.

Color- Sandy

LML's Samson X Johnson's Juniper

Robin is a beautifully balanced doe. She has a very long frame and she has ears to match.  Her wide hind quarters and shoulders are balanced nicely by a tall rise in loin. Finally, Robin has a clean rufus red color to her coat. She has been a wonderful mother and is a teddy bear to handle.- The best personality of all our rabbits. We love Robin. We took her to her first official show in Grants Pass and she earned a leg in Show A for Best opposite over 17 other rabbits losing to her son. Maybe we'll have to show her a few more times to see how she does :).