EMC's Flemish Giants- A Flemish Rabbitry in Oregon


EMC's Lippy

DOB- 12-19-14

Ear- EM 24

Weight 18.5 lbs.

Color- Fawn

Outlaw's JC3LG X EMC's EM13

Lippy is a great and solid, long, powerful buck.. He took 2nd place at the ARBA National convention for senior fawn bucks... not too bad.

Mair's 'Henry'

DOB- 12-19-14

Ear- 5BM65

Weight 17 lbs.

Color- Sandy

What a treat to get to purchase Henry at the 2015 ARBA convention from the legendary Bill Mairs. We have several babies from Henry that have turned out Great and we are hoping for many more. He placed 4th for sandy junior bucks at the 2015 ARBA convention.

EMC's EM42

DOB- 12-5-15

Ear- EM 42

Weight 15.5 lbs. at 7 months old.

Color- Fawn

'42' is just a nice clean fawn buck... we appreciate his lines. He won't end up being the heaviest rabbit- probably topping out around 16 lbs. but he has no other faults... At the Oregon State convention for the three shows he won a Best Opposite of Breed, a Best Opposite Variety, and another Best Opposite Variety... 3 legs in 3 shows... not shabby. He's headed to the National ARBA convention in San Diego this fall and then going home to Indiana with the Clouses. Pictured below at 5.5 months.


Furs and Feather's Hershey

DOB- 12-4-2015


Weight- 19 lbs.

Color- Sandy

Hershey belongs to my daughter Miriam. We're very thankful for him and very pleased with how he's done so far... he is the most massive rabbit we've ever owned... incredible bone on him- I can't really get my hand around his shoulders. He is on the shorter side so we are breeding him to our longer does. You will be seeing lots of babies from him ;)

EMC's Dozer- we lost Dozer in September of 2012 but are keeping his information here- He was the best rabbit we have had as of yet- here are his stats:

DOB- 2-5-2011

Ear- DOZ

Weight- 17.8 lbs. at 10 months      Color- Sandy

 (Pictured taken at 3.5 months)

Johnson's Butterscotch X Unbound's Robin


Dozer has turned into an impressive brute. He's now 17.6 lbs. at 10 months and has probably just a few months left until he's done growing. We're crossing our fingers hoping he'll break the 20 lb. mark. He has nice big features in all respects- head, bone, ears, frame (shoulders and hind quarters). We're definately wanting to take him to a show or two this spring and see what judges have to say about him (he's never been yet).


-UPDATE!- Dozer has abolutely dominated every show he's been to so far:

St. Helens: BOB in Show 'A' over 7 Flemish and Second in Show 'B' over the same 7- 1 leg.

Myrtle Point: BOB in Show 'A' over 8 Flemish and BOB in Show 'B' over the same 8 with honorable mention in the Best in Show line up.- 2 legs.

Grants Pass: BOB in Show 'A' over 18 Flemish and RESERVE IN SHOW ( 635 RABBITS TOTAL!)., BOS in Show 'B' over the same 18 Flemish- 2 legs.

 He's never been judged by the same judge twice and he's been shown against entirely different rabbits in each show except for three at Myrtle Point and Grants Pass. So far he's earned 5 legs in 6 shows (not bad). We're excited to see his offspring this summer!